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when my manager tries to threaten me

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"This is a tumblr hug. (✿づ◠‿◠)づ Pass this to 15 of your favorite blogs to let them know that you love them ♥ (I am sending this back to you because I can :3)"

Thank you for all the k-pop on my dash and i love all your blogs

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"This is a tumblr hug. (✿づ◠‿◠)づ Pass this to 15 of your favorite blogs to let them know that you love them ♥"

thank you franny °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °

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#aesthetic #nature #industrial #carpet #life #gamestop (at GameStop)

#aesthetic #nature #industrial #carpet #life #gamestop (at GameStop)

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"maybe you shouldnt eat all of tha-"


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They say the world’s ending. That’s not the story I want to tell.

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i drink GATORADE to replenish my ELECTROLYTES so that i have the STAMINA to talk shit about nerds on the INTERNET 

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when you have to go around the circle and introduce yourself to the group


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Fun fact: This was the first use of the word “googled” on television.

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So  stole this gif set from last year and ended up getting over 100k more notes than mine. They did delete the post when I asked, but still. Here is my original post

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reblog if you agree

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Wonder Woman - Amanda Conner

Wonder Woman - Amanda Conner

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If I’m not between a three and a seven on the emotional scale, I’m crying.

Happy Birthday 34th Kristen Bell!! (July 18, 1980)

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